Two types of silicon exist in nature: the mineral silicon and organic silicon when it is integrated into a carbonated chain. The mineral silicon is not bio-assimilable.

The mineral silicon is the main component the earth's crust after oxygen, it is found in an amorphous or crystalline form in the sand and many rocks under form of Si02. The mineral silicon, or coming from minerals, is insoluble in water and therefore cannot not be assimilated by the body, which explains why we use the organic silicium from Plant extracts.

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The organic silicon (organosilicon family in which there are silanols, diols silanes and triols silane) differs from the preceding by the presence of one (or several) atom(s) of carbon associated to hydrogen. In this form, it is one of the essential elements of living matter, as evidenced by the assays performed both in plants (Bamboo, fern) and animals and in humans.
The Organic silicum is extracted by the vegetals from the ground and it's vehicled to the parts of the plant such as leaves, stems, etc ... Silicon is an important component of vegetals as it allows growth.

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It is present in many plants such as bamboo which shows the highest content of the plants in organic silicon (70% in the trunk, 6% in the leaves ) or fern (4%) and bananas ( 5mg / 100g). But it is also present in algae, as Asparagopsis Armata, a red seaweed that contains silicon reserves. Organic silicon is also present into the small elastic white skin that lines the inside of the shell of a boiled egg.

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Silicon is essential in the body's architecture ( formation of bone and cartilage ) and tissues ( it is part of the extracellular matrix ). It is also linked to the keratin thus helps strengthen nails and hair. The organic silicon is also very important in our diet, the recommended dose is 20mg / day / person. It thus helps to fight against osteoporosis, arthritis, neurodegeneration and enhance the immune system.

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The organic silicon is present in the skin, but with age the skin loses its silicon content. The organic silicon loss causes a collapse of the architecture of the skin (loss of elasticity and wrinkles). It plays an important role in the structure of the elastin and collagen fibers in the early stages of bone mineralization and in the overall metabolism of the organism. It is also involved in the structuring of collagen (3 to 6 silicon atoms per alpha chain) and elastin, which confer its elastic character to the skin.


  • Stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes.
  • Regulates the cell cycle with stimulation of lymphocytes.
  • Stimulates production of collagen in the cartilage and the dermis.
  • Detoxifying agent : it detoxifies the body from aluminum.
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These few scientific data make us understand the interest sustained by Jacques Hayo for these molecules. We better understand why he has never stopped wanting to associate them with rare and powerful plant actives to offer a wide range of benefits for the skin, through formulations the most innovative and effective than each other.


"For many years I have conducted many researching on the organic silicon. This little and rare active, known today, has however many virtues... The Organic silicon is one of the key elements for maintaining skin elasticity. The disadvantage of the organic silicon is that it decreases with age. When we reached the age of 70, we can say that 70% of the content has disappeared. It is therefore interesting to use the organic silicon to enable to combat this loss. The key is hydration of the skin, there is no possible effect without a rehydrated skin. Again the organic silicon helps retain water molecules through its hydroxyl groups. The Organic silicon also has other valuable properties as the regeneration and the redensification of the epidermis. I have created innovative formulas for SILIANS, mixing the organic silicon to plants extracts such as, passionflower, oil and by using special formulation techniques.

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The dual objective was to obtain excellent performance on the skin and make the formulations the most sensory possible. Indeed, the dosage is important, because it is necessary that the active ingredients can penetrate the epidermis of the skin barrier and treat the target. Take the example of care Reviviscence Night cream, which is an anti-aging product from SILIANS: It is recognized that skin regenerates between midnight and 1am. The galenic must therefore act as a retardant on the active ingredients for treat the target at this time.

There are four main phases in each SILIANS care for face:

  • Phase 1 : Hydratation
  • Phase 2 : Restructuring
  • Phase 3 : Redensification
  • Phase 4 : Delay of skin aging

Through this mechanism, the skin is placed in its most favorable context for optimal action. Regarding the range of products for care delivered in our SPA facilities, I have created a unique and sensory galenic using the same principles, in collaboration with the professional teams of SPA SILIANS to create exceptional care rituals."

Jacques Hayo, Doctor of Pharmacy and graduate in cosmetology.



The SILIANS formulas are certified: Without Paraben, not tested on animals, without animal raw materials (excluding hive product). Supervised by tests carried out in the presence of a dermatologist.

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An airless packaging mastered for a better conservation: We have a patented packaging, pioneering and revolutionary showing the following advantages: The formula is delivered through an orifice (valve) at the end of the flexible accessory. The valve is closed without never letting the air in contact with the formula. This mechanism avoids any contamination and drying of the creams. The formula, contained in the jar, is at no time in contact with air or fingers. This system protects the formula rich in plant active extracts from oxidation. It allows to reduce also its percentage of conservatives.

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Silians has its own laboratory research and development, enabling it to create unique formulas. The laboratory, headed by a doctor of pharmacy involves: A high demand on the formulation product A search for efficiency through objectification testing. The laboratory of R&D works directly with the production laboratory to facilitate industrial transfer.


A Laboratory of Research and Development, innovation-driven of raw materials and assets. As an active ingredient, the organic silicon enables new associations and new unreleased skin benefits. In terms of Galenics, the original textures can create rituals of a rare sensoriality.

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Silians is proud of its manufacturing exclusively French. A French production allows optimum control of the conditions of manufacture of its products to be compliant with the regulations and good manufacturing practices .
Indeed, the SILIANS products are high tech cosmetic products, comparable to the biggest names, its packaging is neat and elegant without being ostentatious.

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Among the hundred formulas available in our portefolio , the range of the Silians products is composed of :
Products for SPA cabin ( designed for SPA).
Public products, available in each of our SPA and on our website under the heading e-shop.
The range of products SILIANS is a professional product line also available to the public for daily care.