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The brand Silians was born in the East of France in this rich and varied cultural cradle of abundant nature and owes its existence to two men .. The first, from this region, Doctor in Pharmacy, is at the origin of the formulation of products of the brand Silians. The second, the founder has made his long career in the biggest brands of Cosmetics. From this association was born the brand Silians with the desire to create and develop a brand, at the service of the beauty of women

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The key active ingredient of this brand is organic silicon. Two types of silicon exist in Nature: mineral silicon and organic silicon. Silicon mineral is the main constituent of the Earth's crust after oxygen, it is found in amorphous or crystalline form in sand and many rocks in the form of SiO2. Organic silicon differs from the previous one by the presence of one or more carbon atoms associated with hydrogen. In this form, it is one of the essential elements of living matter, as evidenced by the assays carried out as well. in plants and animals only in humans. It plays an important role in the structuring of elastin and collagen fibers, in the early stages of bone mineralization and in the body's general metabolism. He is also involved in the structuring of collagen and elastin, which gives its elasticity to our skin. The Organic silicium is also a activator of the efficacy of the active ingredients present into our formulations.

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The human body contains about 7 g of silicon. The aorta happens to be the tissue that contains the most with the skin and the thymus. The rate of silicon in these tissues unfortunately decreases inexorably with age in very large proportions: loss of the order of 80-90% of sexual maturity at the end of life.These few scientific data have made us understand the key interest that these molecules demonstrate and the importance of combining them with rare and effective plant active ingredients in order to offer a wide range of benefits for the skin through innovative and effective formulations.The Silians brand has created a whole range of moisturizing, anti-aging, day and night creams, facial serums and finally a whole range of complementary products for the body to prolong, at home, the pleasure of care provided in the SPA.

our Mission

Thanks to its know-how in the development of high performance cosmetic products, Silians has given itself the permanent challenge of enabling each customer to find, through the use of this range of organic products, a perfect alliance between performance. and sensoriality. Silians wants to allow every woman to feel good in her soul and skin every moment of her life. Beyond the daily use of our face and body care products, our clients will be able to find their brand in our SPA partners, offering very glamorous worlds and equipped with modern means, allow access to a journey of relaxation and relaxation. unforgettable relaxation.

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our values


our ambitions

Thanks to this know-how, Silians has develop new products combining performance and sensoriality. Regarding the commercial presence, Silians is already present in France and Europe but also in the rest of the world, particularly in Asia and the Middle East in Australia and continues its international development.

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Written by Michel Dupuis President of Silinove Laboratories, and Silians brand.