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Everything starts in the East of France, a mountainous and generous region with a semi-continental climate, with majestic forests and with a nature, offering for every season a magnificent colorful spectacle. The diversity of natural regions of Alsace, is actually a mosaic of different countries located in a frame of beautiful lush natural greenery. This is the cradle of Silians brand, born in this rich and varied cultural environment, in the middle of an abundant nature. A man of this country is responsible for the formulation of the Silians cosmetic products. He is Doctor in Pharmacy and his name is Jacques Hayo. He has always been fascinated by the properties of organic silicon…

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What is it about?

Two types of silicon exist in nature: the mineral silicon and the organic silicon. The mineral silicon is the main constituent of the earth's crust after oxygen, it is found in an amorphous or crystalline form in the sand and in many rocks in the chemical form Si02. The Organic silicon differs from the preceding by the presence of one or more carbon atoms, bonded to hydrogen.In this form, it is one of the essential elements of living matter, as evidenced by the assays performed in plants, animals or humans. It plays an important role in the fiber structure of collagen and elastin, in the early stages of bone mineralization and of metabolism of the body. The Organic Silicium is also involved in the structuring of collagen and elastin, which gives its elastic nature of our skin.

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The human body contains approximately 7 g of silicon. The aorta is found to be the tissue that contains the most proportion of organic silicon after the skin and the thymus. The organic silicon level drops unfortunately inexorably, in these tissues with age, in very large proportions: loss of about 80-90% towards the end of life of sexually mature humans. These few scientific data give us a better understanding of the benefits found by Jacques Hayo for these molecules and why he never stopped wanting to associate them with rare and powerful plant actives, to offer a wide range of benefits for the skin, through the most innovative and effective formulations. Jacques Hayo has created for the brand Silians a full range of moisturizers, anti-aging day and night creams, serums and finally a range of complementary products to extend, at home, the pleasure of care given in our SPA.

our Mission

Thanks to our expertise in the management of SPA activities and our range of cosmetics Silians, our challenge is to allow each customer, through the use of our products of finding the expected benefits to maintain youth of his skin and its hydration, delaying the adverse effects of aging through products performance their efficiency and comfort. To serve this goal, our beauticians welcome the clients in the very glamorous atmosphere of our SPA, equipped with modern and efficient ways while offering a journey of rest and relaxation.

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our ambitions

Our expertise is in the implementation of SPA activities, to provide the best profits to our clients through our rituals and our products and also by implementing the most perfect possible organization towards our customers We want to increase our presence in France and Europe with new spas through some new contracts already under negotiation. We wish to increase our presence in the world, particularly in Asia and the Middle East thanks to the marketing of our products. Again, our promising beginning shows us that we can look to the future with serenity.

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Written by Michel Dupuis President of Silinove Laboratories, and Silians brand.